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What the heck is an electric bike?

Ours are high quality, alloy-framed, mountain or cruiser bikes, with super light rechargeable batteries and discrete motors.  They are legally bikes but no licence is required. Our electric bikes have the features and feel of a regular bicycle, but with an electric motor to provide additional assistance; you pedal normally and the motor will help you conquer hills and defeat headwinds.  Riding an ebike is a completely different experience from riding a scooter or motorbike.  The power from an ebike is quiet and smooth, your effort is enhanced rather than replaced.

Ride an eBike to work! Great for you and the planet!

Check out our Other FAQs, Batteries and Range and Why Electric Bikes Are Great pages for even more information.



Testimonials from Wisper and Pedego Customers

  • Thanks for everything.  Both bikes work great and are so much fun to drive.  I leave my car at home and my daughter and myself do an effortless 50km a day ( to town and back) on a fully charged battery.  Every day we take the bikes I save 4litre of gas.   Charging an electric car would not of been possible with our off grid solar power house  but there is always plenty of power to charge the bikes.  I think my wife will be next to get one.  This is changing my life for the better.  My boring 20 min car drive to town is now an exciting 40 min. bike ride.    I feel like a kid !  For me it’s a dream come true to be commuting  on 100% solar power.

    We love the bikes.

    Marc, Moncton, NB

  • I have been riding my Wisper 705 with my 1 year old in her bike trailer. We go to places I would of never been on a regular bike. I'm no longer intimidated by the Nelson hills. I always have a smile on my face when I ride and love the wind in my face when I go up the hills. I also like that I feel that I'm getting a workout out of it...

    The Voltage Bike crew are awesome to deal with, great customer service. I recommend riding ebike to everybody... It such an awesome way to feel greener... Great alternative to cars...

    Go Voltage bikes Go!

        Marie, Nelson, BC

  • The bikes were very popular and a lot of interest shown.  It is amazing to see the sheer joy in some of these seniors, opening up a whole new experience for them.  One man only started walking again 7 years ago ... he took the 705 out for a couple hours and returned like some big kid again!

        Dennis, Slocan Valley, BC

  • I have your wisper bike now for almost a month. I would recommend it for it's comfortable ride, ease of use and simply great fun. I use it to go to work, for shopping you name it, any excuse to use it. I can tell you it was worth every penny spent. It is as good as it looks. I can vouch for it's speed as I use a gps when I ride. Going up hills is now a breeze. During rush hour, I easily get to my destination quicker by bike then by car. Keep up the good work.

        David, Toronto, ON

  • I am so happy with my pink Pedego. Not only is it convenient, but Fun Fun Fun and I feel I am helping the planet. I would rather ride my bike in the rain then drive my car any day!!! Thanks to the creators for making my summer exciting and fun and Green!! You guys rock! 

        Doctors Coordinator Lake Placid, N.Y

  • A BIG THANKS for your excellent customer services.  May your company prosper as you have a great product at your fingertips.  You don’t need to shout about it, just WISPER  it!!! All the best to your staff.

          James, Ayrshire UK

  • The Wisper is very light, fast, comfortable and importantly, the back up you get from the company who are very helpful, interested in what you have to say, give a good warranty, and they do want to help.

          Stephen, London UK

  • Just a short note to let you know how the bike (905) is going, I have been using it for work which is about 25Kms round trip, I can get 2 trips on the one charge and it only takes 10 min longer one way than if I use my car or motor bike. Its great fun catching up and even overtaking the "professional" bike riders…

          K Taylor, Auckland NZ

  • Well, I am so enjoying the bike (705se) ...It is great to zip around the road and be able to get that extra assistance as I tackle the hills.

          Mike, Auckland NZ