Order a Pedego Electric Bike

If you are interested in ordering an electric bike, go to our Dealers page and see who your nearest dealer is.  Typically, we do not sell Pedego electric bikes directly.  We believe that, like a car or motorbike, it is more practical for test riding and servicing if our electric bikes are supplied from local bike stores.  Pedego retailers with their workshop facilities and expertise will deal with your needs professionally and honestly. They will be closer at hand should you need any help, advice or after sales service.

However, if there is no Pedego electric bike dealer in your area while we are setting up our network, we will cover the shipping costs if you decide to purchase one of our electric bikes. Simply confirm with us by email at info@voltagebikes.ca or phone 1-888-777-2066 (toll-free) and we will record your order requirements, then promptly send you an invoice with payment details, delivery time, etc.